The PhysioTone team, made up of qualified Chartered Physiotherapists, specialise in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of conditions – from sports injuries to back pain, postural and movement dysfunctions, and neurological rehabilitation. We are a friendly team with different specialist skills and interests which we believe allow us to provide a quality service that is most suited to you and your requirements. Our treatment combines manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and programmes, soft tissue release, postural correction and functional advice to help you to manage your condition and pain. We believe our approach provides the optimum clinical results and patient satisfaction.

What does Physiotherapy involve?
Physiotherapists are trained to assess, treat and correct movement dysfunctions and injuries of the human body. They combine up-to-date medical research and evidence with observations and clinical tests to diagnose a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. We have an holistic approach, understanding the necessity to get you back to fitness as soon as possible and aim to work closely with you to achieve personal goals, whether you are an elite athlete, amateur sportsperson or simply need to get back to your normal lifestyle.

We use a number of approaches, usually in combination, to return you to fitness. These include:

  • manipulation to reduce restrictions
  • soft tissue release to improve muscular pain and stiffness
  • strengthening exercise programmes to address weaknesses
  • postural correction
  • advice and movement analysis
  • motor re-learning

We understand the difficulties of busy lifestyles and want to work alongside you to make sure you gain the maximum benefit of physiotherapy. Our aim is to help you manage your condition, while giving you the independence to use the home exercise programmes we provide to continue your rehabilitation between appointments. We hope to not only treat your pain while you are with us, but to also correct the cause of your problem and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

We provide a wide range of services which we hope will meet all of your health needs:

Pilates & Postural Assessment  £20

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment £40

Physiotherapy appointment £35

Home visit * Assessment £60, Treatment session £55

Sports Massage £30

1:1 Pilates session (1 hour) £40

* appointments out-of-area will be subject to travel costs

If you have any specific requirements or queries please email or call 07934 996325 and we will endeavour to help.